Fiber Optic Connectivity

As the two carriers of information technology, computer technology and communication technology have a great impact on people’s lives, in the promotion of intelligent modern society, the realization of optical fiber communication technology is the direction of scientific and technological workers have been committed to research and development.

Computer technology, which connects intelligent carriers in communication technology, promotes the progress of communication technology in the direction of intelligence. Modern optical network system in the completion of transmission functions at the same time, optical network intelligence can give its automatic discovery function, continuous control function and self-protection and recovery function.

In the future, the realization of higher-level and efficient optical network intelligence is one of the key researches and development lines of optical fiber communication system. The highest stage of development of optical fiber communication technology is to realize the all-optical network, which is the most ideal realization of optical fiber technology.

All-optical network is the ultimate development goal of optical fiber communication system technology progress and innovation, the future communication network will enter the stage of all-optical; Optical device integration is the goal that optical device development has been pursued and realized, and the integration of lasers, detectors, modulators and other decentralized chips into a single chip is the goal of optical device integration. The integration of optical devices is very important to the realization of all-optical network, which is one of its core technologies.