DP 1.4 AOC DisplayPort Fiber Optic Cable

Displayport is a standard of high definition digital video and audio port, defined by Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). it was first created to replace the old VGA/DVI port on computers. Displayport is still popular to use today as it is free. it is accepted and used by many companies like ADM, Intel, Dell, HP, etc. it is the competitor of HDMI. Although HDMI is so popular used today, DP is also important complement to the HDMI.

HuihongFiber Displayport 1.4 fiber optic cable is available in different length from 1meter to 200meters. the DP 1.4 cable features plug and play, it does not need additional external power to operate, based on Displayport 1.4, this fiber optic cable is nearly zero attenuation (attenuation is less than 3.5dB/Km), thus no depay garantee. this fiber cable is 32.4G(8.1Gbps x 4), made with DP male connector to DP male connector, it supports resolution 4K/120Hz、4K/144Hz、8K60Hz,typical outer diameter of the DP 1.4 fiber cable is 4.8mm.

DP 1.4 AOC DisplayPort Fiber Optic Cable Specifications:
Product name: DP 1.4 AOC DisplayPort Fiber Optic Cable
Cable length: 1meter to 200meters optional
Connector type: DP male to DP male with lock
Brandwidth/data speed: DP1.4, 32.4G (8.1Gbps plus 4)
Resolution: 4k/120Hz、4K/144Hz、8K60Hz
Power consumption: Source end: [email protected], Display end: 290mW@ 3.3v
Cable diameter: 4.5mm to 5mm
Tension performance: Long term 100N/ Short term 200N
Crush performance: Long term 100N/ Short term 200N
Bend radius: Dynamic 20mm/ static 10mm
Operation/storage temperature: 0 to 50oC/ -20 to 70oC

DP 1.4 AOC DisplayPort Fiber Optic Cable Features
Plug and play without any driver, no external power needed, cable is highly resistant with EMI and RFI.
Easy wiring, made with optical fiber as core, high bending/pull resistance.
Low attenuation: bend radius more than 20mm.
No delay: built in optical chips for OE/EO conversion.
Reliable Connector: with gold plated plug and zinc alloy shell, made for quality.

DP 1.4 AOC DisplayPort Fiber Optic Cable Descriptions:

The DP Port interface is a competitor to the HDMI interface. On some graphics cards and monitors, in addition to the HDMI interface, there is also a DP interface. At present, the DP interface has developed to version 1.4, can transmit 10bit 4K 120Hz Video, can also support 8K 60Hz video. DP1.4 compatible with the USB Type-C interface, which means that we can use the DP1.4 protocol to synchronize the transmission of HD video while USB 3.1 transmits data. In terms of trends, this is very beneficial for driving the upgrading of surrounding audio and video equipment.

In addition, the DP interface can also be a single thread synchronous transmission of sound, to use the display sound use. DP is a DisplayPort abbreviation, meaning digital HD video transmission, and HDMI, DVI, VGA are used to transmit audio or video, not only can connect computers and monitors, but also can connect to computers and home theaters.

At present, HDMI line is the most widely used, the largest audience, DVI, VGA has been slowly nibbled by the HDMI line market, only DP line because of the higher standards and the earliest support of 8K, is now more and more highly regarded by high-end users.

DP Standard Upgrade In May 2006, VESA identified the DP1.0 version of the standard, upgraded to version 1.1 in 2008, 2009 upgraded to 1.2, 2014 to 1.3, and now to version 1.4. Although the theoretical bandwidth is still 32.4Gbps, but in terms of resolution, 4K@144hz,8k@60hz,2k165hz compared to the previous generation in the fineness of the picture have improved a notch.

At present, the most commonly used on the market are version 1.2 and version 1.4. DP fiber transmission, and with optical fiber thermal backup function, two fiber in the normal operation of any fiber can display images, support audio, keyboard, mouse, data, infrared interface and other multi-device access.

HuihongFiber DP Line uses 1.4 standard, in the support of resolution can achieve 8K video effect, refresh rate of 60Hz, at the same time backward compatibility of different resolutions, 4K resolution video refresh rate can achieve 165hz at 144Hz,2k resolution. No fear of long distance transmission Due to the characteristics of optical fiber itself, in the long-distance transmission has a natural advantage, the open Huihongfiber DP line can be within hundreds of meters to achieve 8K60hz transmission. In addition, it should be noted that, in view of the optical fiber line photoelectric conversion engine to undertake different functions, the DP interface has directionality, in which the source end will appear to connect the signal source, display connected to the show end, be careful not to insert the reverse.


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