As one of the earlier standard for passive optical networks, EPON is mature and popular technologies used in FTTX. Typical we have been supplying EPON OLT and EPON ONU for the FTTH projects all around the world. typical EPON OLT can be 3U Chassis type, with OLT control card, PON ports, SFP ports and EPON cards. Typical EPON ONU has the 10/100Base Ethernet ports, CATV port, WIFI and other custom features. The EPON series products are used to transmit data, CATV, WIFI, etc. signals. They are ideal to use with our PLC splitters, SFP Transceivers, FTTH cables and closures.

EPON Products Applications:

EPON is one of the major FTTH deployment method. EPON standards was developed in around 2004 by IEEE, in 2009 the 10G EPON standards was defined which supports two configurations: asymmetric, operating at 10 Gbps in the downstream (provider to client) direction and 1 Gbps upstream (customer to provider); and symmetric, operating at 10 Gbps in both directions.