Fiber Optic Cleaners

Fiber optic cleaning is one of the most important procedure in fiber optic installation and inspection, a clean fiber optic connection will ensure the quality of the connection and signal transmission. We make the fiber optic cleaning tools including the 1.25 pen type fiber optic cleaners, 2.5mm pen type fiber optic cleaners, MPO/MTP fiber optic cleaners and the fiber optic cleaning cassettes.

Pen type fiber optic cleaners feature the one click push action to clean the fiber optic connectors and adapters, they are fast to work, portable and cost effective for commonly used SC/FC/ST/LC/MU/E-2000/LX5/MPO/MTP connectors. Fiber optic cleaning cassettes are reel type devices that can quickly clean a variety of fiber connectors, without need to use alcohol or additional tools. They have cleaning taps inside the cassette, suitable to use in labs, field fiber assemblies, maintenance and fiber optic inspection/repair work.