GPON is one of the popular ways for FTTH applications. we provide the cost effective GPON ONU and GPON OLC products with our FTTH cables, closures and accessories. The typical 1U GPON OLC are with 8 PON ports plus 8 Gigabit uplink fiber ports (SFP) as well as 8 Gigabit uplink electric ports. The typical ONT are with 4 Gigabit Ethernet port plus one GPON port, we also have the GPON ONT with four 100base FE Ethernet port plus optional POTS, WIFI, CATV, etc. GPON products supports link error monitoring and loop monitoring, with support of CLI and SNMP management, complying with OMCI standards.

GPON Products Applications:

GPON has been widely deployed all over the world and is becoming the main choice by major operators. GPON/EPON is already the dominant technologies for FTTH in Aisa, North America and many more areas.