Outdoor Fiber Cables

We make outdoor fiber cables for Aerial, Duct and Direct buried applications. Typical cables types include ADSS, OPGW, GYTA53, GYTA/GYTS, GYTA33, GYFTY, GYTC8S/GYTC8A, custom outdoor fiber cables are also available. The optical fiber types available is single mode OS1/OS2, multimode OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5. outdoor fiber cables feature good mechanical and temperature performance, with tube filled waterproof compound, they are suitable to use in different outdoor harsh environment such as deserts, inside ducts, hanging overhead or laid directly into the soil.

Outdoor fiber cable applications:

  • Adopted to outdoor fiber distribution.
  • Suitable for aerial, pipeline and buried laying method.
  • Long distance and local area systems communication.