5M Cisco SFP-H25G-CU5M Compatible 25G SFP28 Passive Direct Attach Copper Twinax Cable.This 25G SFP28 cable compatible with the Cisco SFP-H25G-CU5M provides a high-performance and cost-effective alternative to the original network cable. This is a straight copper cable, 1 meter (3.28 feet) in length. This SFP28 cable is designed for very short links and supports a 25 Gigabit link between the SFP28 ports of the switch between the rack and the adjacent rack.

This SFP-H25G-CU5M compatible copper cable has been programmed and tested and can be used with Cisco 25G switches and other platforms.

The same function as the Cisco SFP-H25G-CU5M
Compliant with SFF-8402 and SFF-8432
Compatible with SFP-MSA SFF-8431
Lowest system electromagnetic interference solution
Low insertion loss and low crosstalk
Single 3.3V power supply RoHS compliant and lead-free

Cisco Compatible SFP-H25G-CU5M Vendor Name Huihongfiber
Connector Type SFP28 to SFP28 Max Data Rate 25Gbps
Minimum Bend Radius 25mm Wire AWG 30AWG
Cable Length 5M Jacket Material PVC(OFNR)
Temperature 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)