What Is an MTP Fiber Optic Connector

An MTP fiber optic connector is one of the many versions of MPO connectors having improved specifications. It’s a high performance unit that offers high level mechanical and optical performance, which are not found in other MPO generic connectors. The MTP connector meets all of the compliance guidelines of MPO standards and can be interchanged with other MPO connectors that also meet the industry standards.

MTP connectors offer much higher performance levels while generic connectors can only provide a limited performance. All of the connectors, come equipped with either a female or male connector to keep things simplified in terms of installation and commission and 1 to 12 fibers can be connected, which saves on labor and time. They are available in a variety of colors, connectors and length and up to 144 fibers at a time can be supported.

The amount of data that is being transmitted on a global level grows daily and as a result there is a need for even larger bandwidths. Forecasts show that the next technologies of up to 100GB are just around the corner and MTP connectors are needed more than ever in today’s high-tech marketplace. When second best just isn’t good enough, these MTP fiber optic connectors stand up to the plate.

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