Fiber Optic Connectivity

the realization of optical fiber communication technology is the direction of scientific and technological workers have been committed to research and development.

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Data Centers

Fiber has become the de facto transmission medium for data center infrastructure, thanks to its high-speed and ultra-high-density capabilities cables like LC/MTP/MPO.

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Green Networks

we are sure that the number center will be 40G to 100G under the sky. Such a transmission rate is base on OM3/OM4/OM5 standard of the optical optical fiber solution case.

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Industrial Fiber Cables

Ethernet has spread from traditional office environments to a wide range of areas, including harsh industrial environments such as factory.

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Internet of Things

The development of communication technology is more mature, scientific and technological products deep into our production and life.

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FTTH connects fiber optic and optical network units directly to the home, which is a form of fiber-optic access that is close to the user.

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