FTTH Boxes

Fiber optic boxes/face plate/fiber optic socket are often used in FTTH project. Fiber optic box is used to handle fiber fusion, termination and output of fiber cables and pigtails, usually they use SC or LC ports.

We are professional fiber optic terminal boxes manufacturer, these closures are small size and flexible to use in FTTH projects, whether you would like to put it on desk, or you want to fix them on the wall, you can find the ideal solution here, the small size FTTH box can be used with simplex fiber, 2 cores fiber and 4 cores fiber. the bigger size fiber optic terminal box can be with PLC splitters, pigtails and patch cables, there are a lot of connector optional and size choices. Custom design FTTH box is also available.


Fiber Optic Boxes Features

  • Suitable to use for the indoor/outdoor optical cable termination, the FTTH cable termination, adapter termination, mechanical splice termination.
  • Tensile force is more than 50N, making the termination reliable and stable.
  • Use for FTTH cable simplex type output, duplex type output, outdoor cable simplex type output, multi fiber pigtail output,  for multiple environment applications.
  • Simple operation, easy to handle.
  • Protect the fiber-optic cable placed in the box, not be affected by external forces, avoid the impact on communication quality.
  • Can be used for FTTB/FTTF+LAN, FTTH, FTTD.

ABS Plastic is acrylonitrile (A), Butadiene (B), styrene (S) three monomer ternary copolymer; three kinds of monomer relative content can be arbitrarily changed, made a variety of resins. ABS have a common performance of three kinds of elements, A makes it resistant to chemical corrosion, heat, and has a certain surface hardness, B makes it with high elasticity and toughness, S makes it has the processing of thermoplastic molding characteristics and improve electrical performance. ABS plastic is therefore a kind of raw materials which is easy to get, comprehensive performance, wide range use “tough, hard, rigid” materials. ABS plastics have been widely used in manufacturing industry and chemical industry such as machinery, electric, textile, automobile, airplane, ship, etc.

Size of the box(mm): 86x86x24.2
Material used: ABS plastic
Max. capacity: 2 fibers
Adapter interface: 2pcs SC simplex
Application: indoor wall mounted FTTH termination and output