LC Fiber Optic Adapters

A fiber optic adapter, sometimes called a coupler, is a small device designed to terminate or connect a fiber optic cable or fiber optic connector between two fiber optic lines. By precisely connecting the two connectors, the fiber adapter allows up to transfer light sources and minimizes losses. At the same time, the fiber optic adapter has the advantages of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and good repeatability. FS offers a wide range of supporting sleeves and hybrid adapters, including special male-female hybrid fiber adapters.


Connector Type LC-LC Body Style Simplex/Duplex/Quad
Polish Type UPC/APC Fiber Mode Singlemode/Multimode
Insertion Loss ≤0.2dB Durability 1000 times
Mounting Type Full Flanged/No-Flange Alignment Sleeve Material Ceramic
Color Blue/Aqua/Magenta Flammability Rate UL94-V0
Package Quantity 1 RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant

High-precision mechanical size, high reliability and stability
Ceramic sleeve, card lock insertion design
More uniform plug-in force
Not oxidized in environments with high humidity or salt-filled substances
Full isolation to avoid accidental damage to the main control system
High reliability stability, low insertion loss, high back pull loss, prompting the product to maintain high performance in engineering