IP-LC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

These IP-LC ODVA-compliant connectors are ideal for applications in harsh environments such as WiMax, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and remote radio heads connected using fiber-to-antenna (FTTA), which requires robust connectors and cable assemblies for outdoor use. As an LC series, Huihongfiber offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of ODVA-compliant fiber optic connectors, with ALL-metal and plastic versions of IP67-grade interconnects. Huihongfiber’s extensive ODVA-compatible portfolio provides customers with design flexibility and ensures that FTTA systems meet telecommunications industry standards and demanding environmental requirements.

Parameter Standard Parameter Standard
 150 N Pull Force IEC61300-2-4 Temperature 40°C – +85°C
Vibration GR3115 (3.26.3) Cycles 50 Mating Cycles
Salt Mist IEC 61300-2-26 Protection Class/Rating IP67
Vibration IEC 61300-2-1 Mechanical Retention 150 N cable retention
Shock IEC 61300-2-9 Interface LC interface
Impact IEC 61300-2-12 Adapter Footprint 36 mm x 36 mm
Temperature / Humidity IEC 61300-2-22 Duplex LC Interconnect MM or SM
Locking Style Bayonet style Tools No tools required
  • Waterproof and dust-resistant, suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.
  • IP68 compliant, designed with a sealed panel feed unit that is easy to fit into an airtight container, components are all optically tested to ensure high quality.
  • Single-mode and multi-mode components are available to fit any type of ordinary fiber, and push-pull plugs and mount mechanical latches are used.
  • Easy to install and remove, and a wide temperature range (-40 to .85 degrees Celsius).

In addition, Huihongfiber offers cable and plug kit assembly services to provide a complete FTTA system interconnect solution. In addition to providing mechanical stability, temperature resistance and vibration resistance, the waterproof IP-LC Series connectors provide higher anti-pollution and moisture protection. The connector uses an outdoor and/or directly buried OFNR (fiber non-conductive vertical pipe) tap cable. The LC Series connector rated IP67 has a 1/6-turn port connector for quick and safe pairing/unpaired, even gloved hands.

IP-LC Series connectors are also compatible with industrial standard cables and interconnect products. “Huihongfiber has expanded its product range to meet the requirements of FTTA systems for fiber optic connectors that provide high-speed data transmission in a rugged, universal housing.

Reliable ODVA universal housings, combined with our value-added assembly services, provide our customers with complete connector solutions that shorten lead times and time-to-market. Huihongfiber provides connectivity solutions for single-mode, multi-mode and APC requirements.

To optimize chemical resistance, UV resistance and resistance to physical abuse, Huihongfiber offers these IP-LC cables and connectors in two different housing materials: black plastic and nickel plated, zinc die casting. The product line includes panel mount sockets, matching plugs and protective caps. Pre-terminated jumper cables are also included, including cables for outdoor use and direct lying cables in standard lengths of 1 m to 100m.

Custom lengths are also available. The IP-LC Series connectors rated IP67 ensure continuous, safe connections, dust, weatherproof, and silicone seals for a watertight connection to the panel.