OM2 Multimode Duplex LC Fiber Cables

High-quality, low-cost 50/125 m OM2 multimode fiber optic cable. Compared to conventional fiber optic cables, the 50/125 m OM2 multimode decays less when bent or twisted, which makes the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables more efficient.

It also saves more space for data centers, enterprise networks, telecommunications rooms, farms, cloud storage networks, and high-density cabling wherever fiber jumpers are required. This 50/125 OM2 multimode fiber optic cable is ideal for connecting 1000BASE-SX, SFP transceivers, and more for Gigabit Ethernet and fibre channel applications.


Connector Type LC to LC Polish Type UPC to UPC
Fiber Count Duplex Fiber Mode OM2 50/125μm
Wavelength 850/1300nm 1G Ethernet Distance 550m at 850nm
Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB Return Loss ≥20dB
Fiber Grade Bend Insensitive Minimum Bend Radius 7.5mm
Attenuation at 850nm 3.0 dB/km Attenuation at 1300nm 1.0 dB/km
Cable Jacket PVC Cable Diameter 2.0mm
Polarity A(Tx) to B(Rx) Operating Temperature -20~80°C

The core diameter and numerical aperture of 125-micron multimode fibers are relatively small, which is not conducive to efficient coupling with led. It is inferior to 62.5/125-micron fibers with larger core diameter and numerical aperture, which can couple more optical power into optical fiber links. Therefore, 50/125-micron graded index multimode fibers were not obtained before the mid-1990s. It is widely used, but mainly used as data communication standard in Japan and Germany.

Since the end of the 20th century, local area network has been developing at 1gb/s rate. The bandwidth of 62.5/125 um multimode optical fibers with LED as light source cannot meet the requirements. Compared with 62.5/125-micron multimode fiber, 50/125-micron multimode fiber has smaller numerical aperture and core diameter, larger bandwidth and 1/3 lower fabrication cost than 62.5/125-micron multimode fiber. Therefore, 50/125 um multimode optical fibers have been widely used again. IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet standard stipulates that 50/125 um multimode and 62.5/125 um multimode fibers can be used as transmission media of Gigabit ethernet. However, for new networks, 50/125 um multimode optical fibers are generally preferred. Full injection power (OFL) bandwidth is 500/ 850/1300_nm.

The number of transmission modes in 50/125-micron gradient index multimode fibers is about 1/2.5 of that in 62.5/125-micron multimode fibers, which effectively reduces the mode dispersion of multimode fibers and significantly increases the bandwidth.