Customized MPO/MTP Cables

Huihongfiber makes standard MPO/MTP cables, cassettes, patch panels, we also accept custom orders to design the MPO/MTP fiber cables and closures. with our experienced engineers and workers as well as our advanced manufacturing facilities, we are able to meet the unique requirement of the MTP/MPO fiber optic products from clients. MPO/MTP product design services are focused on creating the best possible design for your application; Huihongfiber engineers will work with you on defining MPO/MTP fiber products performance requirement, physical attributes, budget goals, and deliverables which we will use as our guide.

MPO/MTP, Choice of High Speed Networks

40G/100G modules and cables are already widely used in data centers all over the world, MPO/MTP cables and connectors play an important role in it, the advantage of the MPO/MTP- high density, small size, multi core, high speed, is the ideal and natural choice for high speed networks. Huihongfiber high density MPO/MTP cabling products feature the high reliability, easy to use, and cost effective, we are working to provide complete and professional cables and components for data centers and other high-speed fiber optic applications.

Make It A Bright Future

To keep pace with the development of fiber optic industry, and to remain competitive in the market, companies need united together with good partners to face the challenges and to help each other, a professional and specialized manufacturer like us will help you cut down the cost by providing you with the factory price. Not only for the cost, we ensure the quality of the goods and fast delivery; the world of fiber optics is no doubt the trend of communications industry, let us join hands to make it a bright future.