MPO/MTP Products

MPO/MTP Fiber Patch Cables

The MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cables are constructed by a simplex mini core round or ribbon cable, this type of cable is available in 4, 8, 12, 24 and 48 fiber count types.

MPO/MTP Trunk Cables

MPO/MTP trunk cables use a group of 12 fiber MPO/MTP connectors at each end of the cable. the cable cores can be with 12 fibers, 24 fibers, 36 fibers, 48 fibers, 72 fibers, 96 fiber and 144-fiber.

MPO/MTP-LC Harness Cables

MPO/MTP to LC harness cables are used to fan out the 12 core MPO/MTP fibers into generic connectors, usually it is MPO/MTP to LC, but we can also make it MPO/MTP to SC/ST, FC, MTRJ, E2000, etc.

Customized MPO/MTP Cables

with our experienced engineers and workers as well as our advanced manufacturing facilities, we are able to meet the unique requirement of the MTP/MPO fiber optic products from clients.

MPO/MTP to LC Cassettes

MPO/MTP cassette is a compact and rugged small unit, integrated with pre-installed adapters and MPO/MTP hydra cables inside the closure. It can be used alone or plugged into the MPO/MTP fiber patch panels. the cassettes are available in 12 fibers, 24 fibers and 48 fiber versions.

MPO/MTP-LC Patch Panels

MPO/MTP fiber optic patch panels are made to meet the demand of high density fiber cable management products, it reduce space, reduce deployment time, easy to use and plug to play. our MPO/MTP fiber patch panels are from 24 fibers,  48 fibers,  till 144 fibers in a single rack.

Fiber Optic Cleaners

Pen type fiber optic cleaners feature the one click push action, they are fast to work, portable for SC/FC/ST/LC/MU/E-2000/LX5/MPO/MTP connectors. Fiber optic cleaning cassettes are reel type devices that can quickly clean a variety of fiber connectors.