Special LC Fiber Cables

oem fiber patch cord

Uniboot LC Cable

The Uniboot LC Reverse Polarity Cable design allows a single cable to transmit two fibers simultaneously, reducing cable congestion during cabling and for high-density fiber.

FTTH LC Fiber Cables

With the increasing demand for high-capacity and long-distance transmission, FTTH (fibre-to-home) has become the preferred mode of broadband access.
IP-LC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

IP LC Fiber Cables

The IP67 rated single-mode duplex LC cable assembly is ideal for industrial networks and harsh environments where moisture, chemicals, corrosive gases and liquids must be protected.

Mini Boot LC Cables

Mini-LC fiber optic connectors minimize footprint and provide higher density port installation for data center network.

Armored LC Fiber Cables

An armored fiber jumper is a fiber-optic jumper with a spiral stainless-steel strap on the core and surrounded by a layer of aramid yarn and metal braided mesh sheath.

MultiFiber LC Cables

Pre-terminated indoor/outdoor multifiber LC cable assemblies are designed to support current data needs while meeting the network needs of the future.

BIF LC Cables

Bending insensitive fiber optic cables is less attenuated when bent or twisted, which makes the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables more efficient.

Switchable Uniboot LC Cables

The LC-LC Switchable Uniboot LC Fiber Patch Cables allows two fibers to pass through a 2.0 mm single sheath for high-density fiber wiring that requires space savings and reduced cable management issues in the data center.