Green Network

For a 100-megabit ETAI network chain road consisting of a total of 24 entire copper cable systems, the average length per chain is 4 1. A 5m calculation requires 33kg of copper as raw material, and if all networks consisting of optical fiber systems are connected to the same number of volume chains, only one 48-core fiber optic cable is sufficient. This type of length fiber optic cable requires only 56g of glass raw material. The associated source of the connection required to manufacture a full volume of copper and optical cables for these quantities is up to 165 tons and 1 68g respectively. The results of this are not always visible and easy to see – fiber optic systems have an absolute advantage.

Explore the details of the problem for the sake of the rational use of environmental resources and more social responsibility of the consideration, such as today’s IT techniques also need to be deeply concerned about the cable sheath and its internal components of the production ring section, these parts of the original The main material from the original oil is made. In this aspect also produced a set of pairs of different words: copper cable requires 28kg raw materials, fiber optic cable needs 5. 4kg . Optical fiber compared to copper cable, its cable less also means that the need for space with less, this not only refers to the number of cloth lines and the number of roads by the reduction of space less, but also means to promise a larger wiring density, cable weight large reduction; Only as this, the consumed energy sources, occupied cloth spaces, and raw materials originally used to make copper cables will be reduced accordingly.

Global analysis of the detailed section of the exploration will make me feel confused, but is such as we use strict, including the state of life and other factors in the full-board method to analyze the problem, will be easy to achieve high reliability and high efficiency. In addition to energy utilization rate, investment and operation of the cost of the factors, there are also raw materials to make use of the rate, such as Rosh one-in-one, environmental management should be considered in one. The failure of a green IT system will be the most final of the following factors: yes, the most limited reduction of the whole ball range of pollution, resource consumption, and reduce the problem of climate change. In other words, these interoperability of the whole situation has contributed to energy balance, that is, it wears through the entire process from production operations to later waste management.

Focus on long-term operation Needs to be clear is that the number of parts in the center of their own life will affect the overall energy balance of the system. In today’s ever-new IT industry, the rapid development of technology, the unlimited extension of the network, away from the ability to manage the next generation of systems, the preparation of advanced technology of the foundation of the basic. The use of the active network component spout is limited to 3 to 5 years, and the base facility for passive facilities can be limited to a minimum of 15 years. In the next 10 years, we are sure that the number center will be 40G to 100G under the sky. Such a transmission rate and to less base in om3/OM4 standard of the exciting optical optical fiber solution case, into the construction of the next generation of data according to the center of the base of the requirements. The new system will focus on the requirements of the pre-retention band width, high density wiring and end number, as well as the high system performance, density, and demand for air conditioning and cooling systems. These should be on the current foundation of the foundation of the construction of emphasis on the use of policy, the cloth line system is not exceptional.