Internet of Things

The information collected by the perception layer is transmitted over wired or wireless networks and transmitted to the Internet of Things so that the network application layer of the Internet of Things can process and analyze the information in a timely manner. Generally speaking, wired network transportation is often the use of optical fiber communication technology, optical fiber communication technology has the network information capacity, not vulnerable to magnetic field interference, suitable for long-distance transportation and so on, so it can meet the conditions of Internet of Things information transmission, suitable for the Internet of Things in the huge information transmission work. Fiber communication technology for wired networks is not available for all types because wired networks are limited by routing and environment and do not meet the requirements of the Internet of Things that the Internet of Things is not limited by time and location.

Therefore, in the Internet of Things how to achieve the combination of wireless network transmission and wired network transmission, unity has become the current stage we need to consider the important issues, as soon as possible to solve this problem can further promote the development of the Internet of Things. Wireless new technology in the Application of the Internet of Things to take into account the timeliness of information applications, for the Internet of Things between people, transactions between objects, information exchange and other provides an important guarantee, to ensure the security of data information in the Internet of Things, reduce the appearance of information misinformation, to ensure the correct connection of information and location.

Nowadays, the development of communication technology is more mature, the application of computer network technology and scientific and technological products deep into our production and life. Now each of us in daily life is inseparable from the Internet, people use WiFi, fiber optic network, 4G network frequency is getting higher and higher, mobile communication network will become the mainstream of the development of the times. The application of any technology has certain disadvantages, for mobile communication technology, when mobile communication technology is applied to the Internet of Things, if the Internet of Things in a period of time too much information, easy to lead to the collapse of information networks, collapse, network congestion, resulting in slow network speed, affecting people’s use. Therefore, mobile communication technology should keep pace with the times, find problems in practice and improve in time, and constantly optimize mobile communication technology to meet the application needs of the Internet of Things.