MPO Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning

The cleaning of an MPO fiber optic connector has been simplified and can usually be done with just a dry cleaning method. In some cases a wet cleaning method must be used if the fibers are quite dirty or contaminated. In most cases, the best way to approach the cleaning is to use a dry application first and then resort to a wet one if the dry method wasn’t completely successful.

In most cases a dry cleaning will give satisfactory results and is much preferred over a wet cleaning. The solutions suggested for the wet cleaning method contain alcohol and there is always the possibility that a small amount of residue will be left behind.

Fiber optic connectors require a reliable cleaning product. Power will be lost and damage can occur if even an extremely small amount of debris is left present on the fibers’ tips. Once an inspection has shown that a cleaning is necessary, start with a dry cleaning and then work from there using a one-click cleaner that is available for MPO/MTP connectors or a cassette cleaner.

All of the fibers located on the connector must be thoroughly cleaned because one contaminated fiber can contaminate the other fibers. It’s important to check the cleaning to make sure that it has been done all the way to the side of the end face to ensure proper results.

The one-click tool is perfect for cleaning both adapters and connectors. It only takes one click to see results and this product can be used up to 600 times. If you only need to clean up fiber optic connectors you can opt for the cassette cleaner instead. This unit can clean a number of different styles of connectors and over time proves to be more cost-effective.

Most of the cleaners on the market are able to target dust, skin oil, lint, hand lotion, residue from saltwater, distilled water or alcohol and other contaminants. They can be used for cleaning connectors in data centers, in telecom and cable television applications, for outside plant fiber optic connectors and satellite communication systems and much more.