MPO/MTP Cable Manufacturer

We make the standard MTP/MPO fiber cables, and we have custom design services. Contract manufacturing is available for the MTP/MPO fiber optic cables and equipment when a client has a special request or need. The services may include software design, electronic services, mechanical services, prototyping services test development and much more. These services can be done by us to streamline the process in order to keep the costs down and to ensure a faster delivery time. Here we can supply you a full range of fiber optic products besides the MTP/MPO, we also have cable management units and more.

Professional Team

We have stable and professional team since the company foundation, from manufacturing to sales, customer services and products design. We have been upgrading our manufacturing facilities and improving our quality control system.

Outstanding Services

Our delivery time is superior to industry average level, our prices are unbeatable, we are direct manufacturer for the MTP/MPO fiber cables and equipment, our 7×24 hours customer service is fast to respond our clients before and after the products sales.


First Class Quality

We try the best to ensure quality control and employee treatment and offer our clients with stable good quality products, Our fiber optic factory first gained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate at the year 2002,  for fiber cable assemblies and devices.

Leading the Way

Many clients have specific needs that may not be met by the current fiber cables in the marketplace. When choosing a manufacturer for a special request, it’s important to look for one that has a passion for the industry and has been on the cutting edge of innovation. We provide solutions that are customer-focused and directed to the individual requirements specified.

Working with You

In today’s modern world of fast-paced technology and lightning-fast response times, the telecommunications industry is adopting fiber optic cables to deal with the rising demands for higher bandwidth and faster rates of transmission. Any communications company that wants to stay in business has or will be making the conversion over to fiber cables. We look forward to the cooperation with your company in the fiber optic area.

Key Benefits of our Service

Our production line covers many areas, the clients are from telecom carriers, enterprises, end users and cloud computing, we design and supply complete cwdm, dwdm solutions, high density installations, FTTX and many more. our mother company Huihong Technologies has over 20 years experiences in the fiber optic industry.

  • MTP/MPO with stable quality and good price.
  • High density MTP/MPO management units.
  • Indoor/outdoor deployment of the cables and wires.
  • Fully compatible with products from most companies.
  • Quality and delivery time exceeding industry standards. is the branch of Huihong Technologies, we devote supplying fiber optic communication cables and equipment since the 1990s’. is the portal to promote our MTP/MPO fiber optic products. Ever since the company foundation, we have been putting efforts to research and development as well as the quality control system, except for the MTP/MPO products, Huihong Technologies has a wide range of fiber optic products covering patch cables, pigtails, attenuators, splitters, SFP,XFP, Qsfp, Direct Attach Cables, Active Optical Cables, and many more.