MPO/MTP Cable Supplier

Huihong Technologies is dedicated MTP/MPO cable supplier to providing innovative product designs of fiber optic cables to its clients. This includes all phases of the design starting from the original concept to the final product. All types of design possibilities can be addressed including new designs and production products and the company has the experience and the resources to offer design implementation in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Huihong Technologies is a leading manufacturer & supplier of MPO/MTP fiber optic cables. We are professional in production of MPO /MTP optical fiber products. Our main products include MPO/MTP fiber cable assembly, MTP/MPO fiber patch cords, Ruggedized MPO/MTP fiber cables, Armored MPO/MTP fiber cables, MPO/MTP breakout/fan out fiber cables, MPO/MTP cassette modules, MPO/MTP  rack mount chassis/ patch panels/ ODF/ cabinets.

Fiber Optic Manufacturer Since 1995

Professional MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cables Supplier

Optical Fiber Types

Our MTP/MPO cables are made in single mode 9/125μm, multi mode 62.5/125μm, multi mode OM2 50/125μm, multi mode OM3 50/125μm,multi mode OM4 50/125μm with riser, plenum or LSZH jacket, the cable can be ribbon ,round or armored/ruggedized.

MTP/MPO Cables

We have a complete line of 12,24,48,72,96,144 strands MPO/MTP trunk cables & MPO/MTP breakout cables.The MPO/MTP break out/fan out/distribution cables are available with MPO/MTP to LC,MTP/MPO to SC, MPO/MTP to ST ,MPO/MTP to FC connectors.

MPO/MTP Cable Management

Huihong Technologies make 1U to 4U high density MPO/MTP chassis, MPO/MTP cassettes are available in 12 or 24-fibers and connected with ST, SC, LC ,FC adapter. These MPO/MTP cassettes are available in multi mode and single mode versions.

Custom Fiber Cables

G657 bend insensitive fiber cable, multi mode cables, OFNR riser fiber cable ,OFNP plenum fiber cable, LSZH fiber cable,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4 ,OM5, pulling eye fiber cables, armored fiber patch cables, pigtail, ribbon fan out fiber cable.

Experienced Manufacturer

Our goal is to supply our customers with highest quality products, excellent technical supports and customer services. With over 20 years experience, we are confident to guarantee the quality of our products and to meet all your exact requirements.

More Fiber Optic Products

SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,25G SFP28/40G QSFP+/100G QSFP28;Direct Attach Copper Cable Assemblies: 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/120G DAC;Active Optical Cables (AOC): 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/120G AOC;

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