Cisco QSFP-4SFP10G-CU1M Compatible 40G QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+ Passive Direct Attach Copper Breakout Cable.Qsfp-4sfp10g-dac-p1m qsfp plus 4xsfp plus direct connection copper tap cable assembly (also known as dac) is suitable for very short distances and provides a cost-effective way to interconnect devices using the qsfp-port and sfp-port. The qsfp-to-4xsfp-dac tap cable is designed for 40gb/s high-speed interconnect network applications such as high-performance computing (hpc), enterprise networking (including the rack top switching and network storage market). It is fully compliant with qsfp and multi-source protocol (msa) standard sff-8436 and sfp-msa sff-8431.

This passive DAC cable does not have signal amplification built into the cable assembly. Qsfp-4sfp10g-dac copper cables are programmed to be compatible with a wide range of Cisco network devices for in-rack connectivity in data centers such as Ethernet switches, routers, network interface cards (nics) and network servers.
It is a cost-effective alternative to the high-cost Cisco QSFP-4SFP10G-CU1M 40Gb/s QSFP plus 4XSFP-1M DAC tap-in cables.

Connector A: 1 Qsfp 40Gbps rated connector (Qsfp-MSA SFF-8436)
Connector B:4X SFP-10Gbps Rated Connector (In accordance with SFP-MSA SFF-8431)
Economically connect the qsfp port to the upstream 10gbe sfp-switch
Meet ieee 802.3ba 40gbase-cr4 standard
Up to 10.3125 Gbps transfer rate (total 40 Gbps) per SFP-plus channel
Close the gap between switch/host adapters that support 10G and 40G
High-density qsfp 38-pin and 4x sfp 20-pin connector
Lower power budgets and port costs compared to transceivers and AOC RoHS compliant and lead-free

Cisco Compatible QSFP-4SFP10G-CU1M Vendor Name Huihongfiber
Connector Type QSFP+ to 4 SFP+ Max Data Rate 40Gbps
Minimum Bend Radius 20mm Wire AWG 30AWG
Cable Length 1m Jacket Material PVC(OFNR)
Temperature 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) Protocols 40G InfiniBand 8x DDR, 4x QDR, 10G/40Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel